Case Resources I Used to Land a Job at Bain & Company

Lots of people obsessively practice case interviews for years. That's cool, but I wasn't quite that prepared—I had read several books, practiced starting dozens of cases online, and read lots of articles, but had only practiced one live case before my first phone interview. I had put quite a bit of time into crafting a cover letter and resume, and I knew all the common case frameworks.

I think there's a sweet spot of practicing cases where you have a solid understanding of the fundamentals but are still able to creatively combine frameworks. 

Each of the 5 cases I encountered in the interview process at Bain included a question about framing, some simple math, and summarizing my recommendations at the end. No one was trying to trick me, it felt like a collaborative process, and a few were kinda fun! (my favorite involved plant-based bacon)

First, the process I used: 

  1. Read some of the articles below
  2. Skim both Case in Point (you can probably find a pdf online) and Case Interview Secrets (Victor Cheng has a high-quality email list too). Make a big list of "categories" of factors to consider depending on the situation: (financials, customers, market, product, increasing sales, M&A, competitive advantage, people/team expertise, marketing 4 P's, Porter's 5 forces, implementation, risk, change management) 
  3. Practice reading a case situation and coming up with a framework using the most relevant factors you can think of. Super easy to do on your own, do dozens of these. 
  4. Practice with a partner

Practice Cases: 

Articles from Crafting Cases

Resume/Cover Letter

I love this advice from Rohan, a Berkeley grad who chose LinkedIn's S&A program over Bain (boo).


You must have a great answer prepared for "Tell me about yourself" (often the only question I was asked before jumping into cases), "Why consulting?" and "Why (insert company)?" All should have reasons and anecdotes that aren't obvious from your resume. 

Hopefully this is helpful... Good luck, I believe in you!